Regional Airport Development

As many as 50% of regional airports throughout Australia are operating at a loss.

Holding the responsibility of being the key gateways to Regional Australia, regional airports are pressured to upgrade and develop. With fluctuating activities in the mining and tourism sectors, regional airports are therefore experiencing fluctuating foot traffic. Ageing infrastructure and limited funding is a constant pressure.

There is a need to re-focus and work towards commercialisation of our assets to move towards self-funding and at least become cost neutral.

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Key Topics Being Discussed

Case studies from: Mildura Airport, Archerfield Airport, Port Hedland Airport, Emerald Airport, Mount Isa Airport, Longreach Airport, Whitsunday Coast Airport, Coffs Harbour Airport and Warrnambool Airport.

  •  Generate new revenue streams: How do you maximise commercial and non-aero activities to increase revenue?
  •  Business Transformation: How do you transform the running of your airport from maintaining an asset, to managing a profitable business?
    •  Looking at a variety of subsidy structures from remote, rural and regional airports outside Australia
    •  Maximising commercial opportunities: land development planning, car parking facilities, redevelopment projects, business parks etc.
  •  Funding: How do you source and secure private/public funding to support infrastructure growth and expansion plans?
  •  Integration of Destination Management into Local Government

Bring your case study along. There will be PLENTY of chances to discuss with your fellow aviation colleagues!

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